Monday, December 10, 2012


Ken liked this time of day the best. The moments just before the sun rose, just as the stars were disappearing, that was the time he looked forward to most.
            The high intensity flood lights accentuated the fine detail of the garden. For hours on end he had toiled, a master in his craft. The light shining up from the water’s edge revealed all of this in brilliant clarity.
            A faint noise came from the lone acer.
            Already knowing its source, Ken held out his hand. A small pile of sunflower seeds rested in the center of his palm.
            Moments passed, and the sound repeated.
            Another long moment passed as the first morning rays cleared the acer's top.
            As silent as the dawn, a small sparrow landed on Ken’s fingers.
            It gave another cry, then deftly plucked a single seed. In one quick movement the bird had the shell open and the kernel on its way down the gullet. The small creature paused to look around, then repeated.
            A smile had unknowingly enveloped Ken’s otherwise serious face. A feeling of calm and peace had settled over him. This wasn’t the first time, but somehow it felt different today. The feeling crept up from his mouth into his eyes. Tears flowed freely, uncontrollably.
            Words simply failed to explain, to encapsulate the sensation he was currently experiencing. He felt that at any moment his heart might burst.
            And then it did.
            For the first time in its short life, the sparrow’s meal was interrupted.
            As the sun finished clearing the trees, the sparrow returned to the seeds, blissfully unaware, mercifully ignorant, that no meal would ever be this easy ever again.

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