Sunday, December 23, 2012


Katherine was exhausted to say the least. These last few weeks at the office had been brutal. Long hours and little time off had left her a corporate zombie. Work, go home, sleep, get up, work some more—the cycle just repeated ad nauseaum. Even though it was morning and she had slept a good full eight hours, she still felt drained.
            The highlights of her day was the forty minutes she spent on the train going to and from work. Thanks to her touch screen phone and a decent set of headphones, she got to escape to her own little world twice a day.
            Katherine had gotten the device for her birthday a few months ago and she had used it everyday since. Her brother had said that while it still had a ‘few bugs’ that it was still a cutting edge piece of equipment.
            A few weeks ago she had down loaded a new music app and she loved. It allowed her to make custom channels for herself and it’s accuracy for playing songs that she liked was flawless. She was glad for that too since around the same time things had started picking up more at work.
            Despite doing the same thing all day long, it was relentless and tiring. No matter how fast she worked things still seemed to take just as long to finish. It was getting to the point where entire days were just repeats of the ones before.
            Well at least she had her music. She put in her head phones and hit play.
            An odd sound came through but she never noticed it. This wasn’t a surprise since it had played every time but she had never noticed it once. As she sat in the train, eyes closed, head to one side, the sound subsided, but Katherine never fully fell asleep.
            A few more moments pass and a voice started speaking softly.
            “Hello, Katherine. Welcome to the network. Here is your daily assignment for today . . .”

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