Monday, December 31, 2012


Will watched from the doorway as the newly appointed overseas sales account manager, his new boss, played with his new cell phone like a five year old with a Christmas present. Jay was a good worker, and even better friend, so Will had been genuinely happy about Jay’s promotion last year. Since that time Will had always gotten the best assignments. Sure they often required longer stays and more arduous negotiations than some of the smaller accounts but that also meant more time for Will to travel the world. Unfortunately that also meant time away from his fiancĂ©e Heather. Luckily she was an assistant curator for the one local museum and was often traveling herself. He considered himself lucky he had a woman who could understand so readily.
He looked back up at Jay, smiled and shook his head while chuckling to himself. Now there was a man who knew a thing or two about long distance relationships. Jay had met his girlfriend Alyssa on the same European trip Will had met Heather. All four of them had wound up meeting at a conference in Amsterdam. Will and Jay had been their trying to negotiate a big contract with Philips while the ladies had been at some international museum convention, ICOM he thought it was called.
That had been almost three years ago and both couples were still going strong he supposed. He was engaged to Heather almost  a year now but Jay and Alyssa only saw each other about half a dozen times a year. And every time it was always him going cross country to see her. Then again Jay was also getting text messages from her at least a couple dozen times a day. He had shown a few to Will and raunchy was not even close to describing some of the things she said to him. And those were the messages without the “close-up” pictures. If only I could—
Will’s thoughts were cut off as someone bumped into him, dropping their cell phone on the floor.
“Scuse me! Guess I shouldn’t text and walk at the same time.” It was Mike from over in marketing. He looked away from Will and over to Jay as he picked up his phone. “Still not working by the way. I’m going out to grab a bite, try again and I’ll let you know when I get back. Want me to grab you something?” Jay had yet to look up and notice Will was there.
“Nah I’m ok, I just wanna get this figured out before—ARRR!” he yelled as he threw the phone on the desk and then finally looked up, saw Will was there as well and smiled. “Besides, now I got some company.”
“Well if you get it working and change your mind let me know. I’ll catch ya later then.” He made a “gun” with his hand, “shot” and winked at Jay, then turned and headed out.
“So what brings you here? Shouldn’t you be just getting to the airport? How am I supposed to take care of you if you’re not working?”
“My flight was delayed three hours so I decided to stop by and just double check everything one more time.” Will looked down at the phone on the desk and smirked. “What’s the matter? I thought you were eager to get a touch screen phone after messing around with mine. I finally have something you don’t want?”
“Ha! I’ll tell you what, that phone is so smart it’s gone all the way back around to stupid.”
Will started to laugh when he felt his pocket vibrate and then pulled out his phone. “I don’t think my phone appreciates the tone you taking.” He looked down to see it was a text message from Heather. She usually waited until after he touched down for him to call her. He hoped everything was ok.
I want you Billy. NOW! was all the message said. He smiled. She only called him Billy when she was feeling “frisky”.
“Important?” asked Jay.
“Yeah, just give me a sec here.”
But you can’t have me now, I’m talking to Jay. She could be a trip sometimes. Like how she insisted she had to workout in the afternoons by herself. When she wanted her way, there was no arguing. It really didnt’ matter to him though, he just changed his hours to a little later.
Very funny, I don’t care what you’re doin in the bathroom. Don’t you want first? *hehehe*
He was puzzled. Umm… he shot back at her.
Fine I’ll wait. Here’s a treat for you. Your fav! *hehehehe* Attached to the message was a self-shot her picture of her in red lingerie.
An awful feeling started to creep over him. What’s with the * hehehehe * ?
Will hadn’t noticed Jay was playing with his phone again. It almost made him jump when he started talking to Will.
“Damnit! I can’t get the names right!”
“Come again?”
“It keeps wanting to add Mike from accounting in with Mike from sales. That’s why he stopped by before. I’m trying to get this phone to work right.”
Will looked down at his own phone and at the reply.
I always smoke and get a little buzzed once he leaves and before you come over silly * hehehehe *
He stood there motionless, thoughts whirling, then hit “send.”
“Silly Billy—”
“Hold on, I think you want Jay, you should ask him about the problem with names and our new phones…”
Placing the phone on the desk he turned and walked away, slamming hard the door which now bore the name William H Mickers, Jr.

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