Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Rua sighed. The last of the holidays were past, which meant it was finally time for the decorations to come down.
            It also meant that winter break would soon be over.
            She was lost in thought, staring out at the ocean through the front window. Rua jumped with a shriek as her brother plopped a large empty tote down behind her.
            “Tane, you jerk,” she scolded.
            “What?” Tane laughed at her. “You should have seen your face just now.”
            “You wanna see stars?” Rua asked with a raised fist.
            “Whoa now,” he said with his hands held up defensively.
            “Sorry,” she started, and dropped her fist. “I was thinking about mom. . .”
            “Yeah . . .”
            They stood for a long moment in the silence of the house.
            “Rarotonga isn’t the same as Aitutaki,” Rua started, “there’s more tourists than anything. Plus just so many people.”
            Tane looked at her, then started laughing heartily.
            “You want to go to Auckland for grad school, and you think Rarotonga has too many people?” Tane said with a smile.
            “Well . . .,” Rua replied.
            “Listen,” Tane said “Where is our father right now?”
            “On his ship somewhere . . .”
            “Right!” Tane exclaimed as he put an arm around his sister. “Do you think he spends all those months at sea just so you can doubt yourself.”
            Rua put her head down to hide her red face and grin.
            “You’re THE top student in all the islands,” Tane said. “Have at least a little confidence.”
            “Sorry,” Rua said.
            “No, but you will be if you give up so soon. You’ve just started school, have some confidence,” Tane said.
            Rua looked up, thin streams covering her face. Before she could say another word, Tane tightened his arm around her and started to give her a noogie. Rua quickly pushed her way out of his arm, laughing.
            “Get back here!” Tane yelled, laughing himself.
            Rua ran out of the room, out the front door, and down the beach. Tane chased close behind her. Both of the were laughing the whole way.

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